The days of phone calls, faxes and sending out invitations by mail are all but over.

However, if your trade show is going to be a success, you need to be on top of your social media accounts from beginning to end.

Here are some ideas to help your trade show:

Get the media on board

Traditional media might be waning, but knowing a reporter or two is never a bad thing. Letting the media know about your event gives free exposure even if they simply retweet the original message you sent to them. Besides Twitter, Linkedin is another easy way to connect members of the media.

Create a hashtag

Having a company hashtag is a great way to promote your products and events. Hashtags offer visibility heading into your show and will draw potential customers to your event.

Post video of your event

Just showing people having a good time at your event is great way to promote your company. Whether it’s someone winning a contest or simply sharing their experiences at the trade show can engage people can’t attend and possibly draw customers to the show.

Blogging afterward

Blogging during your event is always a good idea, but blogging afterward gives you the chance to thank people who attended and offer a synopsis of the event as well. Besides writing about the event, adding pictures, videos and contest winners is also a smart move.

Email everyone

Emailing people who attended your show is a good idea. It also allows you to add your blog, or link to it, as you thank those who made it to the show and those who didn’t this time around.