It’s important to be unforgettable at trade shows and exhibitions. Your products, services, stand and sales team needs to stand out from the crowd, be memorable and make a good impression.

Studies suggest that you have around three seconds in order to capture the attention of a passerby – an unforgettable trade booth with great graphics, banner stands and giveaways is therefore vital. Get some ideas from where you’ll find a superb selection of products which can all help your exhibition to stand head and shoulders over the opposition.

Here are a few proven methods which can help you to attract and keep the attention of the crowd at trade shows.

1 – Hands on activities and games in which the audience can participate – this may not exactly be a revolutionary idea but sometimes the old ways are still the best. It’s a great way to attract people to your stand. Attendees prefer the exhibits which have lots of fun and games with hands on activities in which they can participate. If you have prizes for the winners it’s even more attractive for people and a great opportunity for you to giveaway branded products which will help to remind them of your business.

If you choose activities which serve to educate your audience about your particular industry it’s great. Take your employees which have the best interpersonal skills so that they can host the games and really pump up the crowd as necessary. Take advantage of displays, microphones, A/V equipment, prize wheels and anything else you can think of to make your display go with a swing.

Trade Stand

2 – A picture paints a thousand words so remember to use engaging graphics in your display. You must choose graphics which grab the attention and then keep it (remember the three second rule). Choosing the right combination of images and text can help your audience to discover more about your company and products. Remember to aim your displays towards your target market displaying the information in the best way possible to answer their questions about your business and how your products will serve to meet their needs. Don’t go crazy though – less is definitely more when it comes to trade stands, banners and other exhibition paraphernalia.

3 – Choose your freebies wisely. Any giveaways or promotional products can not only help to enhance a brand but also improve the traffic towards your exhibits. Everybody loves to get a free gift which can not only give them a reminder to take away with them but also encourage them to spend extra time at your stand. Be creative when you decide upon your promotional giveaways. Lots of other companies will be giving away free gifts too so it is important that you choose something which stands out. Choose a giveaway which adds the most value to your company.

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4 – Promote your attendance at a trade show well in advance. Social media is the key word here – spread the word about your attendance at an exhibition or trade show among your existing customers as well as your database of potential clients from previous shows / promotions or similar. It all helps to attract people to the trade show and then to your stand – and that’s great for business.

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Trade shows and exhibitions do provide a fabulous opportunity to have a focused audience in the palm of your hand with hundreds or even thousands of potential customers to meet, greet, generate into leads and ultimately into sales. Don’t miss out on any chances to make the most of this opportunity.