It’s very easy to damage your search engine ranking with keyword cannibalization, but if you’re already doing it you can reverse the issue and even improve your search engine position.

Keyword cannibalization is simply the term used when you have used a keyword too any times on one web page. This is an easy mistake to make as using keywords is essential to getting ranked. But, an overuse of keywords will leave the search engines struggling to rate your page properly and send you down the rankings.

For example, if you’re an entrepreneur and you’re advertising the best inventions for entrepreneurs you may be tempted to use this phrase on every page of your site. The problem is that unless every page is giving you information regarding the best inventions the phrase won’t always be valid.

The result will be that the wrong page is displayed when someone does a search on the keyword, the search engine may display several of your pages or it may simply decide that your site is not relevant and display none of the pages.

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Identifying Keyword Cannibalization

The first thing you need to do is verify whether this is actually an issue on your site or not. The best way to start checking is to type your website domain into a search engine followed by a specific keyword. The results will show how many of your pages rank and where they rank.

Once you’ve looked at this you can take a look at Google Analytics and Search Console. You’ll be able to see how each of your pages is performing. It is advisable to do this for specific keywords; you’ll then be able to adjust each page according to how they are performing.

It is worth noting that there are many apps that can help you to identify the overuse of keywords; although some of these cost, they can be worthwhile.

How To Fix The Issue

It’s time to rewrite your pages. If your website covers the best extreme travel destinations but every page has the keyword ‘extreme travel” then the search engines won’t know which page to send people to, chances are they won’t be sent to your site.

The solution is to use your identification tools to find the pages that are not getting ranked. Remove these from your site or remove the keywords from these pages. You can use an alternative keyword such as “travel” or “bucket list” and other phrases that will still attract visitors and allow them to be directed to the most relevant page.

You’ve spent time creating each page, instead of wasting this time you should edit them to use a different keyword.

However, if you look at your pages and find that two or more are very similar then it’s a good idea to merge these pages and create one that has more information and will rank higher on its own merit.

Of course if your rally feel that a page needs to stay then you can noindex them, this will prevent them from appearing in the search engine results.