Tracking your web visitors can bring you a lot of great insight and knowledge about your marketing campaign and generally, to see where your visitors are coming from. Web visitor actions are very important.  There are 3 amazing techniques to track your visitors online.

Ntw Designs: Infographics of Visitor Tracking

As previously stated above, website visitor tracking brings some great benefits to a website owner. Ntw Designs is a professional design company that offers seo, web design, and other custom web services. Ntw designs will be providing us with the 3 ways to track your visitors, read further below.

1.Internal Tracking Code.  Installing a 3rd party tracking code on your website is a great way to instantly start tracking you live web visitors. Tracking codes are offered by google, bing, and even other third party websites that are known to provide a website with the same amount of info about visitor actions inside. Internal tracking codes are light weight and are should be added on all web pages desired to be tracked. Identifying the location of the web visitor, ip of the web visitor, source of the web visitor, and even age rage of the web visitor is very insightful.

2.Webmaster Tools. Google and Bing both offer a webmaster tools dashboard for website owners. The dashboard will track keyword rankings and even show how many clicks a specific keyword has. The webmaster tools dashboard is also free to use and provides as much insight as the internal tracking code.

3.Website Heat map. A heat map is something that is offered from individual companies. A heatmap plugin can be found for wordpress and a even php websites. What a heatmap does is it start to track where visitors have clicked on your page. The results will be shown in a heat map style and where it is red the most, this will pinpoint that in that certain location there has been much more web page activity. Always look for a reliable company to provide you with a heatmap tracking code or software. Most companies will provide the service, but they may have software that is too heavy and can slow down the load page speed of a website. Ensure with the company of choice before purchase that the heat map is actually light weight and doesn’t have too many heavy items inside which will also increase the http request of a website.

How to Target your User Group

1.Determine Target Age. The first way to target the right user group for your website is to determine what age range your website or product most appeals too.

2.Write Content for Target Age. Start content production on your website to appeal to that specific age range.

3.Search Engine Optimization. Search engine optimization will increase ranking positions and draw in more visitors on page.

Infographics, demographics, and user targeting are very important to achieve great success online. Observe the list above again and apply it to your website!