Supersolano professional hair dryer is comfortable to use and delivers positive results to the users. The drier has a high velocity motor which provides fast flowing air for fast drying of hair. It has settings for both speed and heat regulatiom Both buttons for the settings are right at the fingers. The hair drier is convenient to use for longer periods since it is light in weight and runs smoothly providing some comfortable experience. You should get this hair dryer when you have to deal with hair extensions expecially brazilian hair extensions.

Product Details

The professional hair dryer has dimensions of inches

Weighs 2.3 pounds

Can be shipped within the US


The dryer is durable and leaves hair with a shiny silky appearance. It is fitted with an anti-overheating mechanism and can be used to dry all types of hair ¡ª both for men and for women. It has an easily removable air vent making it easy to clean.

The drier has very high heating technology since it comes with an 1875 Watt AC motor which is light in weight but produces a high airflow thus reducing hairs drying time. The dryer is made around a ceramic coil which produces infrared heat for fast hair drying. A ceramic grill at the front part of the dryer regulates heat flowing out of the dryer to ensure that the heat one has selected remains constant and do not vary.

The supersolano professional hair has settings for heat and speed control which ensures that you have full control of the device. It has a cold shot button which is an additional feature which makes it way better in hair drying. The dryer is safe to use since it has a low EMF emission rating.

The hair dryer has undergone ethical manufacturing and is certified to have met all the ethical manufacturing standards. The manufacturer has ensured there is no child labor involved in its production.

The dryer is sold having two fiberglass concentrator nozzles. One nozzle is wide and is meant for fast drying of hair. The other is narrow and is meant for precise hair styling.

The dryer is manufactured in Italy but readily available in the U.S. it has a two years warranty and customer service centers are available throughout U.S.

Supersolano professional dryer has won many awards in the last five years and has a very good customer review standard since it is highly reliable.