Working from home can be a great thing but it can also cause a huge drop in production that any manager might question. This is because there are so many distractions at home whereas an office there are people who are watching you constantly. Many people who have the privilege of working from home have software on their computer that tracks what they are doing so slacking is well documented. There are ways to maximize efficiency when working from home but to do so you have to do a few things.

Eliminate distractions from a child or a spouse and ask them to leave you alone during certain hours of the day. Ask them to treat it as if they were in the office and the only way they can come into your office is if they would’ve called. Granted emergencies do happen but having the people who you live with respect your work hours is important. This goes for running errands as well as these can consume a day and leave work to be done.

Working from other places is one of the luxuries of being able to work remotely. Taking advantage of this is nice as you can work from a hotel on the beach or a coffee shop in France. Switching things up can help production as it breaks up the monotony of the daily grind. Even a day at the public library can be enough of a change and certain public libraries are much more entertaining than others.

Getting an office set up is easy and it is cheap as Office Depot has coupons on Groupon’s website. This can help you save on setting up your home office. It is important to make it look and feel like an office as this will push you to do more work. Make sure to put motivational things up around you as it can be hard to stay motivated throughout the day alone.

Working from home is a great opportunity but work does still have to be done. Staying motivated and focused will be difficult at times but the freedom of working from home is well worth it. What are some tips you have for working at home?